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Strengthening Extension & Advisory Service Delivery


Access to finance and farm input is a major challenge for smallholder farmers in Nigeria. Programs developed to tackle this problems experience series of challenges such as loan default, poor extension services, poor field supervision including monitoring and evaluation of field performance. Cotton production came to it barest minimum in recent years due to low technical know how and access to quality input and market.


The cotton anchor borrowers program provided farmers with input credit with a guaranteed cotton off-taker at a premium price. Input provided include cotton seed, fertilizer, agro chemicals and jute bags. APS was sub contracted to manage 25,000 cotton farmers in Kano and Jigawa state. APS deployed online field trackers, activity monitoring tools and input utilization system. 240 youth community representatives were trained and worked with the farmer cooperatives on their respective field guiding them on good agronomic practices.

Diversion and sale of input worth XXX was prevented. Input was adequately utilized by 73% of the farmers, thus saving input worth XXX which will be used for next season. Flood and draught affected some of the fields but with the periodic monitoring this was minimized by X% and communicated accordingly. Pest and disease scouting was rigorously and regularly done. A new farmer “With APS, I felt I have been cultivating cotton for a long time”. “ I am very pleased with the inputs I was able to save, thanks to APS” Kabiru Musbahu, one of the farmers said.