Agribusiness Consultancy


To succeed in Agriculture and to raise millions out of poverty, Agriculture must be seen and adopted as a business. The failure of this simple but important concept has seen a lot of people out of agriculture and has increased resistance from interested investors in Agriculture. Agriculture is the most profitable business in the world with a high return on investment if only the right indices are considered. One of it is to involve experts with industry experience and local content in any chosen area. At APS, we are very interested in breaking the belief about unattractiveness of agriculture. We are here to reduce your risk and ensure you maximize your returns while adopting latest innovative technology to reduce your cost of investment. Our huge grassroot network of agile youths ensure adequate monitoring and protection of your investment while we focus on providing the right sustainable partnerships over time at every stage of your business. Agribusiness just got better.

Farm Process Outsourcing

At APS we produce, aggregate and trade a number of agricultural commodities for local and international market.


Feasibility Studies

The journey of every business must begin with a metrics projection of the viability of a new business. The feasibility considers all the assumptions and realities needed by a new business.


Risk Management

Natural hazards & climate change pose greater challenges on agribusinesses. Our investment approach allows for contingent measures & strategies that evaluate, plan, absorb & adapt to risks.


Market Research

A well articulated market research which results in minimizing the uncertainty through data which is converted to actionable information and guide.


Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is inherent of any successful business. It evaluates your uniqueness relative to your competitors.


Economic Analysis

Economic analysis is a systematic approach that entails the evaluation of costs and benefits of a production process. It determines effective and efficient utilization of scarce resources.


Halal Investment

Halal Investment is a scheme that allows crowding, trading and utilization of funds which is Sharia Compliant and committed to the adherence to the code of ethics of Islamic Law.

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